Tim Little


Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Tim was raised across Alberta as he and his family travelled due to his father’s role as a Geophysicist for Shell Canada. With this upbringing, Tim was mentored at a young age to be a leader in the exploration and development sector of the petroleum and mining industries. Fittingly, Tim founded Synterra Technologies in 1997, where he assumes the role of President.

Tim brings more than 40 years’ of seismic experience to the management team at Synterra. Tim has exceptional skills in project management, health, safety, and environment management, and First Nation/heritage relation management. Pair these skills with his ability to accurately anticipate program costs in a variety of complex conditions and terrain, and the result is the execution of a project that is consistently acquired with no lost time accidents, on schedule, and within budget.

Tim’s experience was acquired working in North America, Asia-Pacific, South America, and Africa.

Mark Kneipp

Vice-President of Exploration

Mark, Vice-President of Exploration, is a qualified project, program, and portfolio manager with over 15 years’ of experience in onshore oil and gas and mineral seismic exploration.

With graduate studies in Project Management, Mark is skilled at implementing Project Management Systems including managing scope, schedule, cost, change controls, and process improvement.

Mark has worked in several senior roles on both client and contractor sides; including Seismic Party Chief, Bird Dog, and Project Manager. This experience makes him an integral team leader in any exploration or development project.

Mark has worked extensively throughout Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Jason Nycz

P.Geoph, P.Geo, Ph.D

Jason is a Ph.D Exploration Geophysicist with over 20 years’ of global geophysical exploration and development experience, from seismic survey planning though to interpretation.

Jason has worked for both large independent exploration and production companies, as well as on the management teams of smaller, private firms. Over the past 10 years, Jason has gained extensive experience using seismic data to characterize reservoirs by integrating his interpretation experience to develop new ways of analyzing time-lapse seismic, performing responsible and robust PP/PS joint, simultaneous inversions, and MAT analysis, as well as interpreting PS data.

Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Geophysics from the University of Alberta, and each a Master of Science (planetary geophysics) and Doctor of Philosophy (geology and geophysics) degree from the University of Calgary.

Jason has supervised the acquisition, processing, and analysis of numerous exploration and development surveys in North America, South America, and North Africa.

Janine Ballingall

Operations Manager

Janine Ballingall

Janine has over 15 years’ experience in the exploration sector of the oil and gas industry and has spent the last 12 years working in the operations department at Synterra Technologies.

Supported by a Bachelor of Commerce, Janine’s strategic and analytical thinking paired with her communication and leadership skills make her an invaluable team player in any management team.

Janine’s skills in risk management, planning, directing, and controlling allow her to project manage exploration and development programs with exceptional accuracy and attention to detail. This results in an exploration or development program that is consistently acquired with the greatest efficacy possible.

Janine also plays a leading role in the successful implementation and management of Synterra’s health, safety, and environment program, as well as marketing and business development strategies.

Janine has extensive experience working in North America and Asia-Pacific.

Larry Wellspring

Operations Consultant

Larry brings over 30 years’ of exploration and development experience to Synterra Technologies, where he is Vice-President.

With a background in GPS and conventional survey management, Larry has firsthand knowledge and experience that enables him to design 3D programs with real-time survey positioning and post-plot data quality control. The result is a program design that enables our clients to meet their exploration and development goals in the most technical, logistical, and fiscally responsible manner.

Larry plays a leading role in supervising operations and managing the health, safety, and environment program at Synterra.

Larry has extensive experience working in North America, Asia-Pacific, and South America.

Al Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Al is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) with a Bachelor of Commerce from the Haskayne School of Business, at the University of Calgary.

Al brings over 25 years’ of experience to his role as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Synterra Technologies, which he gained in a variety of sectors including hospitality, transportation, not-for-profit, and oilfield services.

As CFO, Al brings a wealth of experience to his position, as reflected in financial statement preparation and analysis, risk management, tax planning, human resources, and payroll.

Al has all the skills expected of a seasoned finance professional.